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Professional carpet, fabric, and other residential cleaning services don’t just make things look better. They protect your investment, helping them to last longer. We all know that maintaining always costs less than replacement.

You can expect both from Fiber Clean Carpet Cleaning.

For the best in area rug and carpet cleaning, we utilize a powerful truck-mounted hot water steam extraction system. Truck-mounted hot water steam cleaning has the ability to deep clean and sanitize any carpet style or fiber, leaving it perfectly clean from top to bottom. This process removes abrasive stuck-on soils and it sanitizes your home by eliminating dust, dust-mites, their carcasses and their feces as well as bacteria that can be the cause of allergies, asthma and illness for people and pets. Additionally, we use fully trained technicians, those that have completed accredited schools and examinations. This ensures that the technician coming to your home has a thorough knowledge of the latest cleaning procedures and spot removal techniques so that you receive the first class job that you deserve!

As soil and dirt is ground into your high-traffic carpet areas, it can actually damage the carpet fibers. This causes the carpet to look matted and worn. Once carpet fibers have been crushed and pitted they can actually become magnets for additional soil and dirt. Our system removes deeply ground dirt and debris to extend the life of your carpet and restore the elasticity of the carpet fibers. Other cleaning methods leave behind a residue that becomes “sticky” and can actually attract more dirt and grime. Our multi-step cleaning system leaves almost no residues or shampoos on your carpet because to cause rapid re-soiling.

Our Carpet Cleaning System Features:

  • Allergy Friendly Steam Cleaning
  • Virtually Zero Chemical Residue
  • No Use of your Water or Electricity
  • Fast Drying Technology
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Oriental & Antique Rugs

Not all oriental, specialty, and antique rugs can be cleaned the same way. Colors can easily bleed; unnecessary shrinkage and cellulosic browning are just a few of the problems that can ruin these valuable rugs when they are not properly cleaned. Natural fiber rugs are very delicate and should not be left to just any cleaning company. Here at Fiber Clean, we use our decades of experience to match the material, age, and other factors to the proper cleaning method we use. All this is done even before the cleaning begins so that your prized possession will look and feel like new again.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our specially trained upholstery cleaning technicians have years of expertise with many difficult-to-clean materials, including silk, suedes, ultrasuedes and velvet. Our multi-step procedure removes dust, smoke, pollen, odors and soils to restore your furnishings to a like new condition. We also offer deodorizer services as well as Scotchgard stain-resistant protective coating to protect your furnishings from future stains and re-soiling.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile & grout cleaning services employ certification school trained Tile & Grout Cleaning and Restoration Technicians and our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system. We’ll safely clean your hard surfaces (such as flooring, showers and counter tops), literally blasting way dirt and contaminants. We also offer grout repair, protective sealers and grout color sealing bringing new life to your tired surfaces.

Leather Cleaning

Over time, body oils, perspiration, cooking oils and other soils can work their way into leather furniture. Many cleaning products currently on the market are not appropriate for leather, and may break down leather finishes, leading to dryness and cracking. Our leather cleaning service restores those natural oils to the leather that prevent the leather from further drying and cracking. Colors are re-tinted for a new appearance.

Floor Cleaning

Fiber Clean offers a variety of floor cleaning services depending on the type and texture of your floor, including linoleum, tile, marble, and wood. For example, tile floors usually need to be professionally stripped and thoroughly rinsed. Then we follow-up with a floor sealer, and a top-quality finish. No matter what type of flooring you have, Fiber Clean has the right process and experience to make them look like new.

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