“All those in Favor of Fiber Clean, Say Ay!”

teAt Fiber Clean, we’re grateful each time one of our customers takes the time to express their thanks and appreciation for our work.

Here are a few recent testimonials that help demonstrate what happens when the end result lives up to the promise of great service.

“Wow! You guys are not like your average carpet cleaners. You are the people who you can call when you have BIG problems!”

Dr. Alex R., Canton, CT

“I’m amazed. I was referred to your company and told you guys were good, but I never thought my carpets could look this good again”. Interestingly, Jill was referred to us by a client, Al who was also a referral from yet another client. We just love when we see a chain of referrals. That’s why our philosophy has always been to put our money into each job rather than large advertising budgets. We know there’s no better advertising than a referral!” 

Jill C., Middletown, CT

“Due to my wife’s job, we’ve lived throughout several parts of the country. I’ve had a lot of companies clean my carpets in the different areas we’ve lived in and nobody has done it like you have.”

Michael M., Avon, CT

“Thank you! We thought we’d have to replace the carpet but we took a chance with you and you just saved us $1200 instead of replacing the carpet.”

Mike D., Director of Maintenance at an Assisted Living Facility
West Hartford, CT

“I must admit I had called your company a couple weeks ago when I spilled hot coffee on my white carpet. You weren’t able to come out immediately, so I called another big box company. They came right out but weren’t able to get the stain out. I called you guys back because you seemed like you knew what you were talking about and you got it out in 5 minutes”. A few months later Mrs. W’s dog chewed up an ink pen and got it on it’s paws and tracked about 100 ink spots all over her gorgeous white carpet also. We got that out too!”

Elizabeth W., Avon, CT

– “I have guys stop in here all the time looking to give me quotes for our carpet cleaning. Your prices are fair. You always show up when you say you will, and we never have to call you back because the work wasn’t done right, so I just just tell them we’re very happy with who we have doing it and we’re not interested”. We’ve maintained their carpeting since the year 2000. In the commercial cleaning world, keeping a contract this long is not easy feat since there are so many cheaper companies out there. 

Ted W., Hawley Lane Mall Manager
Trumbull, CT

We look forward to your call!


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